On the coldest day in June you went away

the tears I was unable to fight back

would I become just a breath of air you exhaled

I tucked little white envelopes into your bag

spraying them each with my perfume

you rushed around the house

I stood in a daze and dreamt of days before

you quickly became everything

when you convinced me to love you

just five years ago we were standing in the falling snow

I whispered yes and it began

watching you under the lights each Friday in red

you were the star they all cheered for

my heart skipping beats

that summer night spent under the stars

our hands intertwined like our lips making promises

tomorrow I would lie alone

I shivered at the thought not knowing if I’d survive

I would wait for you because you’d come back to me

for you I would wait forever

I admired the sacrifice you would make

I would make one too

you stood so tall, a mountain

with a withering flower at your feet

still miraculously drawing strength from somewhere

the sun appeared on the horizon; we had been awake for hours

I knew goodbye was near, but I couldn’t start

handed you the letter I wrote the night before

so you could have a piece of home that night

I memorized your smile

in that moment I was a vase that had fallen to the ground

each house on the street slowly faded away

when I fell into your arms one last time

we would be alright

our love would make it through

eyes swollen and stinging with tears

I watched you disappear into the sunshine.


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